Tom Pender

Guitar Instructor Tom Pender teaches all styles of music and accepts students of all levels.

He has taught privately for over 35 years and has served as faculty at Longview Community College for 22 years.   As an active professional musician he has performed as Lead Guitarist for the Kansas City Chiefs Pack Band in Arrowhead Stadium for 11 seasons, performed in concert with various national acts including Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, O.C. Smith, Shirley King and Mark Pender & LaBamba of the Conan O’Brien Show.

In addition Tom has been featured in international music festivals in Nashville Tennessee , Athens Ohio as well as festivals and concerts throughout the United States and regionally.
Tom has recorded innumerable music projects, radio and TV commercials.

His teaching style includes fundamentals of music as well as working with students to achieve personal goals through development of a “Wish List” that can contain anything from rock to Bach.   He has been successful in developing many students into professional music careers as well as great entertainment value for hobbyists and lifelong learning skills for all.

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